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Staged homes sell more quickly and for a higher selling price than unstaged homes. When homes linger on the market, agents typically take action by lowering the listing price by thousands of dollars. Why not just stage your home from the start for a fraction of that amount and get a greater return on your investment?


A Home Staging Certified Professional from Turn Key homes will evaluate every room in your home and provide you with a detailed list with recommendations (to do list) on ways to prepare your home to sell.  We will give you in-depth instructions on what needs to be cleaned, repaired, removed, added replace and edited.  We will also provide you with suggestions on ways to arrange furniture to best highlight the rooms and the space.  If we feel the rooms should be updated with a new paint colour, we will provide you with recommended colours.


Homeowners can choose to do as much or as little as they wish. Turn Key homes will provide you with a quote to complete a portion or all of the work that needs to be completed. 


Consultations are approximately 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours for $175.00

Making Notes

Turn Key Homes’ professional home stagers will take the stress of preparing your home to sell off your shoulders. Our team will work with contractors to complete any large projects required and start the moving process for you by pre-packing your collectables and items that are not used on a daily basis.


We will then arrange your furniture in order to maximize the space and the function of each room.  Potential buyers will be able to visualize your home as their own. In order to do this our team creates illusions and moods that go beyond decorating and cleaning. Staging maximizes your space, eliminates clutter and makes your home look brighter, larger, cleaner and warmer. A properly executed staging leads the eye to attractive features while minimizing flaws.


The cost of a full staging depends on the size of the house, the number of rooms, and if furniture and props are needed starting at $250

living room 1.jpg


“Final Touches” is carried out by by TURN KEY homes after you have completed all of the recommendations provided for you. This is where we return to create illusions and moods that go beyond decorating and cleaning, leading the potential buyers eyes to attractive features while minimizing any flaws.

Starting at $200


Vacant homes sell 80% faster and for more money when showcased with furniture and accessories. Empty properties can be difficult to visualize as the potential buyer’s own live-able space.  Potential buyers have a hard time determining functions of rooms and how furniture placement would best fit.  Did you know that vacant rooms appear much smaller than they actually are!?

We can transform an empty house into the most wanted home in the market. We offer a wide range of styles and settings of furniture and accessories that can be customized to your needs and budget.

Consultations are $125 to visit the property and provide a quote for all rentals and staging costs.  When the staging is booked the $125 will be subtracted from the cost of the staging.


Are you having a party or planning on entertaining.  Would you love to impress your guest with your main floor designer makeover?  or are you just bored of your space and want to bring new life to your home or a particular room.  


In one day Turn Key Homes can give you a ONE DAY MAKE OVER!  This is a great way to give a designer look to your space, using all of your belongings.  

Beth Walder will come in and rearrange some of your furniture to best utilize the space, create stylish bookcases, use your items to decorate areas of your home.  She can also provide you with a list of items that could enhance it even more.  You can choose to purchase them yourself or send Beth out shopping for you.

One day makeovers start at $300 


Having a Professional help during minor or major renovations on a rental property can add thousands into your pocket.  

Let a professional from Turn key Homes help you to make the right finishing decisions. These finishing choices will determine the the type of renter you will appeal to and the monthly rental fees you will be able to receive.

The decisions in the finishes you choose could be the same price but the outcome and clientele could be drastically different.  

Working with Turn Key Homes we will be able to advise you on the paint, flooring, back splash, bathroom tiles, lighting etc. With our experience we can ensure you will attract long term renters that will take pride in your house and have the income level to stay for years to come.

When the renovations are complete, we can help stage the main rooms to show the full potential of your rental.  The potential renters will be able to clearly see the space and how functional the rooms will be.  Providing you with a quick and stressless timeframe looking for the right candidate.



Whether you are listing your home to sell or looking for some help choosing new paint colours to enjoy, TURN KEY homes can help you.


We will evaluate the rooms in need and give our professional recommendation on paints that fit your décor or that are most attractive for resale.

We have a partnership with a leading national paint company and will extend our trade discount to you on paint and supplies as part of our consultation service.

Don’t have the time or patience to do the painting yourself? TURN KEY homes will paint the rooms for you or recommend one of our reliable contractors that can get the job done.


Paint Consultations starting at $125.00

Hand Holding Color Swatches


Interior Redesign is the art of using your existing furniture, accessories and lighting to give your home a whole new look and feel. Most people already have what they need in their homes but don’t even know it and wouldn’t know where to begin.

That’s where a professional Home Stager from TURN KEY homes can help. Unlike Interior Designers, Home Stagers are trained to utilize existing furnishings and accessories first and foremost and only suggest new items if needed to compliment what you already have. Many items that are used in a professional Redesign are items that you would never imagine using from other rooms or storage areas and are given a whole new life in a new surrounding. TURN KEY homes will come in with a fresh pair of eyes and rediscover these items as if they were new purchases.

We will also give suggestions on paint colours, renovations if needed, additional accessories or furniture to achieve your overall desired look.

If you don’t have time to paint, renovate or shop yourself, 

we will take care of everything or recommend reliable contractors to do the work for you.

All Interior Redesign situations are different depending on the scope of work and items to purchase please call for more details.


Do you find yourself looking at home decor magazines and wishing your house looked like the pictures you keep cutting out?  Or do you have know idea what your home decor style is but know you are not happy with how your home looks right now?

Whether your to busy to source the pieces you want to finish a room, or have know idea where to begin.  Beth can help you with everything!  Her natural flair for design can turn your house into a home in no time.  She can help you every step of the way from selecting the paint colours, coordinating new furniture pieces with ones you already have, sourcing new window coverings, adding accent pieces and even as far as guiding you on the big ticket items like flooring, countertops back splashes etc.

Beth can help you with as much or as little as you need and make sure you spend your free time enjoying the things you love most. 

Consultations start at $175 and sourcing is billed at $45 hr.

We look forward to turning your house into a home again! 



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